Our XD leadership team

Fueled by curiosity and backed by research, we strive to do meaningful, innovative work that moves business forward for our clients and benefits our communities.

Ronnie Battista
Senior Director

Greg Lakloufi

Tim Banker
Senior Director

Bermon Painter

Tim Letscher
Delivery Director

Ron Brissette

Chris Collie
Senior Principal

Alan Cannefax

Meghan King

Colin Proctor
Managing Director

Eric Rak
Senior Director

Tom Dahl
Senior Director

Bethany Mudd
Senior Director

Jon Litwack
Senior Director

Jess Schuett
Senior Manager

Joe Matthews
Vice President

Shira Tsinman
Director, Toronto

Claudia Fofuca
Principal, Montréal

Michelle Docherty
Senior Principal, Vancouver

United Kingdom and Ireland
Heather Spence
Senior Principal, London

Tara Miller
Director, London

Helen Wilder
Senior Director, London

Stephen Mellish
Director, Manchester

United States
Kevin Taitz
Director, Atlanta

Erik Swenson
Director, Boston

Chris Minidis
Director, Boston

Photo of Drew Burdick
Drew Burdick
Senior Director, Charlotte

Jenn Grabenstetter
Director, Charlotte

Karen MacKay
Senior Director, Chicago

Monica King
Director, Chicago

Michelle Roberts
Delivery Director, Chicago

David Cantwell
Senior Director, Columbus

Gabe Macias
Director, Dallas

Peyton Lindley
Senior Director, Denver

Lauren Knight
Director, Denver

Meridith Pushnik
Director, Denver

Jonathon Baugh
Director, Detroit

Delphine Jacquin
Director, East Bay

Maura Rucker
Senior Director, Hartford

Ellen Last
Director, Hartford

Hannah Hitchcock
Principal, Kansas City

Josh Thompson
Director, Minneapolis

Mitch Soper
Principal, Nashville

Jillian Hancock
Senior Director, New York City

Kevin Cale
Director, New York City

Mark Rutledge
Senior Principal, New York City

Byron Silver
Senior Director, Orange County

Luvean Myers
Senior Principal, Philadelphia

Amy Klaris
Senior Director, Philadelphia

Nicole Boyd
Director, Raleigh

Ri Scott
Director, San Francisco

Sean Brown
Senior Director, San Francisco

Jen Travis
Managing Director, Seattle

Sid Gavandi
Principal, Seattle

Shweta Shidhore
Senior Principal, Silicon Valley

Mark Waks
Managing Director, South Florida

Gessica Tortolano
Director, South Florida

Katherine Parsons
Director, South Florida

Diana Charboneau
Director, St. Louis

Ben Goldberg
Director, St. Louis

Jake Heberlie
Senior Director, St. Louis

Jeff Feller
Director, Washington DC

Christian Herlihy
Senior Director, Westchester & SoutherN CT

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